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Our construction of exterior doors made of glued wood layers, is very solid and stable.
They are a showcase of a house and its owners. Their timeless beauty is a result of proven technologies and professional skills of our employees.

Nordic Window manufactures both outward and inward opening entrance doors and terrace doors. Nordic doors has three locking points to ensure better security and stability. Covering wood with painted aluminium profiles the resistance to weather conditions can be improved. Insulated wooden or MDF panels are used as infills.
Each door is manufactured to individual order.
Customers canchoose their own model out of about 40 factory patterns or suggest their own design. As with all manufactured goods, we offer a wide range of ornamental glass, door handles, locks and aluminum thresholds.

We at Nordic Window and Door Systems know the importance of the first thing that most visitors to your home notice – the front door. That is why we offer architectural style and any colour finish.
All our doors are fitted with a 3 – point locking system for added security and adjustable hinges for ease of maintenance.

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