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Nordic Architectural offer an extensive range of entrance doors made to your bespoke design.  From modern energy efficient entrances doors to more traditional designs the solutions are endless.

Simple provide us with a picture of a door you like and we can make this to your requirements, modern outward opening terrace door.

From a modern timber glass door design where on the inside you have timber and the outside is all glass there are a countless number of possibilities.  All types are produced at your request as regards design, size, colour and accessories.

Nordic’s energy efficient and modern panel door is manufactured of integral insulated door leaf. Rigid XPS plate is used as insulation and triple glazing as infill. Thin aluminium layer serves moisture protection purposes. Thermal transmittance Uw as low as = 0.7 W/m2K.

Nordic Timber Panel entrance doors alum doors doors bespoke doors


A panel door can be either outward or inward opening entrance door or patio or balcony door. Doors frame is made of solid wood profiles. It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors. Finishing according RAL, NCS (paint) or Nordic’s (lacquer) tone catalog by customer’s choice preference.



We also can supply aluminium clad German entrance doors with all aluminium on the outside and timber on the inside.

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