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Nordic Alu-Clad Windows

Nordic Architectural Aluclad Windows

Our Aluclad System has been designed to provide high durability together with minimum maintenance costs.  With a 10 year Warranty!

Nordic Architectural have over 25 years experience in the design and manufacturing of windows and doors. You get to share that experience when you work with us ensuring that your windows and doors are delivered on time, meet the standard you have been promised and that you enjoy a professional service.

Our Alu-Clad System has Aluminium on the outside and multi layered Nordic pine on the inside. The advantage of the aluminium on the outside is that it is impervious to the weather and provides a protective barrier against the elements, while the wood on the inside gives your room a feeling of warmth and natural beauty. The cross sections below illustrates the window in detail both in double glazed and triple glazed.

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